Selected Publications



  • Why Veterans Run: Military Service in American Presidential Elections, 1789-2016. Published by Temple University Press, 2018. Link.

Journal articles

  • “Military service and political participation in the United States: Institutional experience and the vote,” (with David Leal). 2018. Electoral Studies. 53: Link.
  • “Density, Race, and Vote Choice in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections,” (with Daron Shaw and Seth McKee). 2017. Research & Politics. 4(2): Link.
  • “The New Blue: Northern In-Migration in Southern Presidential Elections,” (with Seth McKee). 2016. PS: Political Science & Politics. 49(2): 228-233. Link.
  • “Military Experience in Elections and Perceptions of Issue Competence: An Experimental Study with Television Ads,” 2013. Armed Forces & Society. 39(3): 415-433. Link.
  • “Barack Obama’s ‘American’ Problem: Unhyphenated Americans in the 2008 Elections,” (with Brian Arbour). 2011. Social Science Quarterly. 92(3): 563-587. Link.
  • “Orphan Counties and the Effect of Irrelevant Information on Turnout in Statewide Races,” (with Keena Lipsitz). 2010. Political Communication. 27(2): 178-198. Link.
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  • “NATO Enlargement and Institution Building: Military Personnel Policy Challenges in the Post-Soviet Context,” (with Julie George). 2008. European Security. 17(2 & 3): 339-366. Link.
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  • “Enduring Effects of the Uniform: Previous Military Experience and Voting Turnout.” 2006. Political Research Quarterly. 59(4): 601-607. Link.
  • “The Partisan Impact of Congressional Redistricting: The Case of Texas, 2001-2003,” (with Seth McKee and Mathieu Turgeon). 2006. Social Science Quarterly. 87(2): 308-317. Link.

Book Chapters, Edited Volumes

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